Wiper Source

Wiper Bear says," it's all about cutting costs"!

What to Look For!

Wiping cloth comes in so many forms today. There are so many ways to get them and since they are a nuisance consumable item, not a lot of thought or planning is involved in the selection process. When Wiper Source sell wipers, we want to know what application they are being consumed in. Wiper Source performs a cost per use analysis. Wiper Source then suggests a product that will do the job at a lower cost. This is where companies save soft and hard dollar cost.


APPLICATION: Dry wipe, Glass, Auto body Prep, Grease and Oil or Food processing

WIPER TYPE: Disposable or Cloth Wipers



RENT VS. OWN: Laundry Service can be very expensive watch the loss charges, or metal shavings in an application where metal shavings can be bad. Most wiping is personal, hands, face and the brow of the head, do you really know where and what those rental rags were laundered with?


PUT UPS: 10Lb-25Lb or 50Lb, 1/4 fold, flat pack, pop up, jumbo roll, kitchen size rolls and irregular cuts

Do you need a first quality wiping cloth? Can your application go with a secondary bye product a/k/a SECONDS? Did you know baby wipes are made from an Airlaid substrate, which is an excellent grease and oil absorbing material. When the manufacturers of the baby wipes reject the Airlaid substrate because they do not meet specs, the material is sold to converters who will process the material into wiping cloths at a fraction of the cost over a first quality wiper, saving the end user a lot of money. There are many reputable converters, but there are some who are not above board, they will layer the first few inchs of  the inside of a carton with a nice product and below the nice product are very poor quality wipers or the old bait and switch. We refer to the highly transient converters as
GYPSIES! Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware!

"Gee boss, do you think they will figure it out before we get the cash"

Case count: We hear this scenario a lot, " I am paying 45 bucks a case how much is yours? (case price has no meaning because the case the customer has might have 550 pieces, where, the Wiper Source case has 1200 pieces. The most accurate way to compare cost is to break it down to a per piece basis) If the customer that has the 45.00 case product is told the Wiper Source case price is 75.00. The customer immediatey assumes Wiper Source is extremely high and lends a deaf ear,however,in reality the Wiper Source product is 24% less expensive i.e. 6.2 cents each vs. 8.1 cents each in this scenario.

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